Friday, August 9, 2013

In the Queue 6

Tutuki Splash long queue
This looks like a fun place to be...

Hello, readers! How has the week been treating you? I've been pretty depressed this whole week, honestly. I think I just really need a holiday; I find myself fantasizing about taking a WHOLE DAY OFF. What luxury! I even was tempted to apply for a grant to do research in Moscow, that's how bad it is. Moscow, the land of bad night clubs and vodka, the only alcohol I absolutely can't stand. Still, I might apply, why not?

Speaking of Russia, last night on Project Runway the hot-blooded Sergio left the show (or was kicked off? hard to say) because he wasn't being appreciated. *tiniest violin in the world* That means all the other horrible designers got to stay. Sometimes I wish they'd just cull the designers who are obviously not going to win, which at this point would be half of them. Oh, and Tim Gunn is starting to sound like Yoda: "Sad it may be; necessary it IS." Make it work, Luke!

And now on to the queue...


Editing: My main project this week has been editing The Real McGill. I'm almost done. It's going to need more editing after this first pass, for sure.

Planning: Once The Real McGill is done I plan to start thinking about publishing The Lonely Hipster.

Writing: Nothing, at the moment. I'm torn between starting the third and final book in the Hipstery series, editing another short story I want to polish up, or writing something completely different. I'll have to see where next week takes me.

Reading: This week I finished The Suicide Shop by Jean Teulé. If I had to describe it in one sentence, it would be The Addams Family meets Amélie (and personally I love The Addams Family, so). For the most part it was a really fun read, even though the story lost focus near the end and the conclusion didn't fit in with the theme of the book AT ALL.


Planning: To write a tribute to Barbara Mertz (also know as Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels), who died on Thursday. I'll probably sob all over it.

Editing: Nada.

Writing: I'm in the middle of an article about early 20th-century novels with more fully-realized/independent female characters than most 21st-century books. That's going pretty slowly.

Reading: Nothing, again. It's all I can do to read an hour's worth of novels these days. Sad.

What's on your plate this week?