Friday, September 20, 2013

In the Queue 11

i did it!
Hiro from Heroes, just in case you hadn't realized I am a geek yet.

I did it! I survived deadline hell week! I met all my deadlines, even the ones for pitches that I didn't really *have* to do. Hallefreakinlujah.

All work and no play makes Ellis a dull girl, so I'm looking forward to wrapping this post up and then chillaxing in the sun for a while. Now on to the queue!


With pressing deadlines looming, I didn't get any work done in my novel this past week. I am, however, excited about The Sea Queen Daughter's blog tour, which kicks off on Monday. It's going to be epic! I'll be posting much more about it next week and hope you'll take time to say hi on my perambulations across the bookternet.

Reading: I started Zen Attitude, the second book in the Rei Shamura series by Sujata Massey, last night during an insomnia attack. I need to move somewhere where there's not a big difference in the seasons; changes from summer to fall and spring to summer kill me.


Too much to detail, so in summation: this past week I wrote and edited 2 feature articles, a chapter for an essay collection, 4 short articles, 2 guest blog posts and an interview, plus 2 pitches. I'm not sure my brain is functioning as normal right now...

Reading: I have one chapter left in Take a Closer Look and I'm bound and determined to finish it SOON. Today, if possible.

That's all for this week. See you next week for The Sea Queen's Daughter blog tour!