Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Links Wednesday

writers what I actually do

I decided to start a new feature on here for writing and book links I've found interesting or useful during the week. Let me know what you think!

  • "99c books are the foundation for the tragically forgotten book pile." Many self-pub'd authors, including myself, are at a loss when it comes to figuring out how to price their books. Most of the advice I've read basically runs along the lines of, "Try out a price and if you're not selling books, change it." So far, this article at Dear Author is the only essay I've encountered with a solid break down of price points and how they relate to buying habits. What's the Right Price of a Book for You?
  • "I said she dumped me, but really, I dumped her (body)." I remember when I started thinking about a story where a murder was solved online—what eventually became the plot of Tweet the Police—the idea seemed quirky but incredible. An editor actually told me there was no way that would happen in the RL. Now there are whole Reddit threads dedicated to solving crimes like the Boston Marathon Bombings. This mystery about a map and murder confession sent to Post Secret (an "art project" where people anonymously mail their secrets via postcards so they can be posted on a website) in particular is begging for both an official investigation, and for a writer to turn it into a novel. Did Post Secret Pass Around a Murder Confession?
  • "It's the kind of word that you can, actually, build a book around." Do you have a favorite word? Neil Gaiman shares his.