Saturday, January 18, 2014

THE LONELY HIPSTER now available, free for a limited time!

the lonely hipster cover

Today's the day! The Lonely Hipster is available for purchase on But you don't even have to purchase it because it's free to download for the next five days, January 18th-22nd. So click, read, and enjoy!

Want a summary? Of course you do:

A mystery where murder meets coffeehouse romance, beards, and flip-flops... 
Stantonville is a small town where everyone knows everyone else and they all get along—or do they? Adam McGill, Stantonville’s lone hipster, gets a lot of flack from the other residents for being lazy and suspicious. So when the town’s wealthiest resident, Peter Stanton, is found shot with a note that reads “McGill” in his hand, suspicion immediately falls on Adam. And the police aren’t the only ones he has to worry about—he's also being followed by the people who actually shot Stanton! 
With the help of the cute barrista in Stantonville’s lone coffee shop, Adam needs to find Stanton's shooter—and move out of his mom’s basement—before he winds up in prison. Or worse.