Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Guys and Guitars: Rock Star Heroes

adam levine
Photo by Schmeegan via Flickr

I once heard an editor for a major romance publisher say that women don't find rock stars attractive. Ummmm, what? Do we need to take a trip on the way way back machine (called YouTube) to see Bobby Soxers go crazy for ol' Blue Eyes, girls pass out from excitement listening to the Beatles, or people chant BRUUUUUUUCE at a Bruce Springsteen concert? I mean, yeah, Springsteen's kinda old and crusty nowadays, but it wasn't for nothing that Annie Leibovitz photographed his butt for the cover of Born in the USA. Girl knew what she was doing there. And (some) people still find Axl Rose attractive, although why is something of a mystery.

The point is, anyone with sense can see that rock stars are attractive. Unless you actually know them, in which case you're probably like, "I know you're on the road, but could you at least TRY to shower once in awhile?" But these are books we're talking about! Personal hygiene can simply be assumed.

Even if you know some real-life musicians and are aware of the less-than-glamorous aspects of their lives, rock stars are still romantic figures in the popular imagination. Like cowboys and knights in black denim, they're heroes of the working man, living by their wits and talent. They have a freedom us schmucks with 9-5 jobs can only dream about, and all the highs and lows of a job without a safety net.

So yeah, I think rock stars are actually perfect figures for a romantic hero. Yet finding rock stars in fiction is pretty rare. Why? I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that rock n' roll isn't as popular as it once was. I've heard some people say it's dead, but I prefer to think we're living in the 21st century version of the disco era. Either way, there aren't a lot of super-successful rock bands out there anymore, and those that are don't have hot leading men. 

With one notable exception: Adam Levine. ZOMG, Levine is soooooo hot. I feel the need to compulsively tweet about his insane attractiveness multiple times whenever I'm watching The Voice, that's how hot he is. And he's super duper nice and funny and owns more sweaters than I have ever seen any other American male wear and I DON'T KNOW WHY but for some reason I find this INCREDIBLY ADORABLE. Just thinking about him makes me get all capslocksia with excitement. 

But it's not just physical attraction! Come on, I'm not THAT shallow (actually that's debatable, but let's say I'm not for the sake of argument). Levine's also talented and the lyrics to his songs reveal a romantic, sensitive soul. "It's not right, not okay/To say the words that you say/Maybe we're better off this way…" Who hasn't felt like that during a break-up??? It's like he's speaking to my sooooouuuuuuuullllllll.

So if you're wondering who Michael de Bracy in The Aspen House is based off of… keep wondering. Ha! I kid.

Is there a rock star who makes your heart flutter?