Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

william & kate
It looks so real!

Confession: I am a total sucker for cheesy Cinderella-type movies. You know that Lifetime movie about about Prince William and Kate Middleton, William & Kate, that aired almost two years ago? I totally watched that at least seven times. And then a few months later I rented the DVD so I could watch it some more. Why? Why would I do that to myself? It was such a stupid movie.

Another really good Cinderella movie (by which I mean totally cheesy yet fun) is Another Cinderella Story--such an original title!--starring Selena Gomez. Yes, I am fifteen years old. On the inside. Gomez also starred in a not-quite-as-good cheesy movie called Monte Carlo, where she had an evil doppelganger. I really like Selena Gomez; I think I might become a fan on FaceBook.

Of course, we can't forget The Prince & Me, starring Julia What's-Her-Face, which I may or may not have watched three too many times (and yes, I did watch the sequel. As if I wouldn't); A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff, and all those Princess Diaries movies.

There are also some take-offs on the Cinderella theme that don't strictly follow the rules of the fairy tale, but feel like they do because they are so corny. Such as What a Girl Wants (Colin Firth plays the British dad... you know that one) and Chasing Liberty (President's daughter goes to Prague, Matthew Goode is adorable).

What makes me feel guilty about watching these movies is that I know while I'm watching them that they're totally teenager-y (is that a word? It is now) and stupid. But that's also why I like them! It's like when I'm watching a stupid movie, I can stop worrying about all the stupid problems in my own life, at least temporarily. Then, when it's over, I'm like, "Dreams really do come truuuuuuuuue." I am such a cheeseball sometimes.

What are your favorite cheesy movies?

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