Monday, August 13, 2012

Ode to Jake 2.0 and Chuck

My favorite TV show of all time is Jake 2.0. It lasted one season on the CW, and is about a tech support geek who's accidentally injected with nano technology that makes him super-fast, -strong, etc. It stars a young Christopher Gorham, and he is SO CUTE. I love this show so much. Sadly, it's not even on DVD, it's so obscure. Sometimes Syfy will play mini-marathons of it in the afternoon.


Another TV show I love love love love love is Chuck. Maybe not as much as Jake 2.0, because it doesn't have Christopher Gorham in it, but it is my anti-drug. I AM SERIOUS, it's my anti-drug. It's also about tech geek who works at a Best Buy-type store, and visually downloads "the Intersect," which gives him ALL THE INFORMATION. Then spies have to drag him along with them on missions.

So clearly, I have a think for computer geeks. What's you favorite TV show?

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