Thursday, August 9, 2012

iPod Shuffle

Seduction of Claude Debussy by The Art of Noise cover

Top ten results of a random iTunes shuffle:
  1. "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)" by Shania Twain--Ah, Shania Twain. I think I summed up my feelings on this one when I told my friend, "She's pretty good if you don't mind shallow."
  2. "Surprise Hotel" by Fool's Gold--This was a free weekly download on iTunes. /end why I have it on my iTunes
  3. "Always" by Panic! At the Disco--I saw this CD at my library and was like, "w00t, free CD." Panic! At the Disco is okay. My brother thinks they're an an emo band (they kind of are).
  4. "Make You Feel My Love" by Maria Muldaur--Muldaur made an entire album of Bob Dylan covers. It's pretty good if Dylan is a little too up-tempo for you. Slow that song down, buddy, I was almost staying awake.
  5. "San Francisco Bay Blues" by Eric Clapton--It's Eric Clapton. /end why I have it on my iTunes
  6. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" by Eddie Izzard--Uhg, I actually HATE this song. Or not the song, really, just the way Eddie Izzard sings it. It's on the Across the Universe soundtrack. I would delete it, but having incomplete soundtracks on my iTunes makes me twitchy.
  7. "Pick Somebody Up" by Rick Midon--Pretty sure this was another free download.
  8. "Rapt: In the Evening Air" by The Art of Noise--This is part of an album I heard about on Twitter, The Seduction of Claude Debussy. The Art of Noise used Debussy's ideas of music evoking all the senses and blended Debussy's compositions with jazz, hip-hop, electronica, opera, narration, etc. I like this track especially because of the line, "It will remind you of a line from Baudelaire: sound and perfume swirling in the evening air."
  9. "Paradise (Not for Me)" by Madonna--I like Madonna. She's ballsy.
  10. "Brokedown Palace" by The Grateful Dead--I was totally obsessed with The Grateful Dead when I was in high school, but I haven't listened to this song in forever! I'm suddenly struck with the desire to sit outside and do absolutely nothing.
Any of these on your iTunes?

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