Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

I personally hate being confronted with this question. I have trouble planning a week ahead, let alone years. Not to mention, with certain variables like possible apocalypses coming up, who can really say?

I think these questions are also based on a fallacy of thinking that life is linear you can anticipate going from point A to point C. When in fact, life is more like a labyrinth. You can travel what seems like a long ways and find yourself in nearly the same place you started, or in a completely different place than you expected.

I have no idea where I'll be in ten years. I certainly have hopes for where I'll be (or at the very least, not be), and I have things I'd like to do during that time, but no idea where that will take me. Wherever it is, though, I hope to be surprised!

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